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The Juno Beach Landing Tables document started with the work of ww2Talk.com membership, and is detailed information on the Canadian Armies landing at Juno Beach. The Tables outline the "load out" of each landing craft (or group of landing craft) or vessel", including sailing timings, support craft, bombardment information, convoy information etc. Information was collected from various sources included the British Governments Juno Beach Landing Tables (Archive Information) and War Diaries of Various unit.

ww2Talk's work was expanded by Barry Miller, who added information including full Unit Names, pertinent photo's and documents from various web base sources, including Unit War Diaries. Also adding Unit Commander's who occupied key positions and units, and Vehicle Tactical Marking information, where available. His intention was to "hopefully" assist reader's, that may not have a military background (the geology researcher), understand these details.

As the Landing Tables were documents produced for the "Planning" of the D-Day Operations by Allied Troops, it must be remembered that the "Actual Plan and loading of landing craft" may have differed from the "Planning" Landing Tables. Where it was possible, by the authors, to identify the "actual" vessel loads, this record was modified to reflect those changes.

If information is available to confirm Landing Craft or Vessel loads or other Operational details, please feel free to contact this website to have the information added or modified. Please quote or attach the "source" for any information.

Information compiled by:

Second World War website called WW2talk (www.ww2talk.com). Its members research "anything WW2" and have thousands of posts and forums for discusion and research on this topic. The Members of ww2Talk started a "thread" that included information about the Juno Beach landings, which much of this information was gleaned from that site. ww2Talk.com have kindly agreeded to allow this information to be included in this document.

Lt (Ret) Barry N Miller, CD, CME
Born in Alberta, Canada. He spent 16 years in the Canadian Forces, Canadian Military Engineers, enlisting as a "Sapper (Private)" and rising thru the ranks to Warrant Officer, and was then Commissioned from the Ranks as a Lieutenant. Serving at many Army and Air Force bases across Canada and in Germany he retired from the Army and joined the Canadian Public Service, and retired as an Executive, with his last position as Regional Director, Assets & Procurement, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, "E" Division Headquarters, Vancouver, BC. Canada. Now "fully" retired after 33 years service, he spends his time helping people connect with their relatives military past on a Web site called "Canada at War" (www.canadaatwar.ca) and travelling the world.


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