SWORD BEACH : British Troops



1er Bataillon Fusiliers Marins Commando
"Commando Kieffer"

At 0731 hrs of June 6, 1944, LCIs 523 and 527 captained by Jack Berry and Charles Craven land on Sword Beach the n°1 and n°8 troops of the 4 Commando. These two troops are made of 177 frenchmen of the 1er Bataillon de Fusiliers Marins Commando under Commander Philippe Kieffer. Their mission is to clear the Riva-Bella coastal sector and then, marching through enemy territory, link-up with the paratroopers of the 6th Airborne holding the Orne bridgehead.

As soon as they set foot on the soil of France, the commandos are facing a fierce german defense and taken under a vicious crossfire from the bunkers. The beach has to be crossed at all cost to regroup near the ruin of an holiday camp where they lay down their rucksacks before going on with their mission. The first men are killed in the water or on the beach.

From 0800 to 1100 hrs, men of 4 Commando are fighting in the steets of Riva Bella to silence the german trenches, bunkers and snipers. The Casino pillbox fell at 0930 hrs with help from a Sherman commandeered by Philip Kieffer. After the capture of the Casino the fightings subside, the beaches are cleared and the commandos return to the holiday camp to pick up their equipment and carry on with their next mission.

After a brief respite, men of 4 Commando take the Colleville road around 1300 hrs and head for the east side of the Orne. They cross the Canal and the Orne at Bénouville and at the end of the day they dig in at Le Plein where they are supposed to be relieved within 8 days but will remain there for 8 weeks.

At the end of the day, the 1er Bataillon de Fusiliers Marins Commando has suffered 41 killed or wounded.

The 177 frenchmen of the 1er BFMC :

L/Cpl. A. Allain Cpl. J.Gautier (Zivohlava) Sgt. G. Messanot
Lieut. P. Amaury

Cpl. L.Gautier

L/Cpl. Y. Meudal
Pvt. F. Andriot

Pvt. R.Gersel

L/Sgt. J. Moal
L/Cpl. A. Archieri Pvt. M.Gery Pvt. R. Moguerou
Cpl. A. Autin L/Cpl. H.Gicquel L/Cpl. J. Monceaux
2/Lieut. A. Bagot L/Cpl. L.Godard L/Cpl. J. Montean
L/Cpl. N. Ballaro Pvt. R.Goujon Sgt. G. de Montlaur
Sgt. M. Barbe Cpl. O.Gouriou Cpl. J. Morel
L/Cpl. L. Bgot L/Cpl. A.Grail Sgt. H. Nassau de Warigny
Cpl. A. Bernard L/Cpl. F.Grinspin (Grispin) Captain R. de Naurois
L/Cpl. B. Beux Pvt. F.Guezennec L/Cpl. A. Neven
Cpl. J. Biestro Pvt. P.Guidicelli Pvt. J. Neven
Sgt. P. Boccador Cpl. J.Guilcher L/Cpl. J. Nicot
L/Cpl. G. Bollinger(Bollore) L/Cpl. G.Guillou L/Cpl. M. Niel
L/Sgt. O. Bouarfa L/Cpl. E.Guinebault Pvt. R. Ohuger
L/Cpl. G. Bouchard Pvt. E.Guy Pvt. J. Ollivier (Guivarch)
L/Cpl. E. Bougrain L/Cpl. J.Guyader L/Sgt. G. Paillet
Pvt. R. Boulanger Sgt. G.Hattu L/Cpl. J. Prone
L/Cpl. J. BouiIIy Sgt. J.Horny Pvt. J. Peters
L/Cpl. A. Bourret Sgt. J.Hourcourigaray L/Cpl. R. Piauge
L/Cpl. G. Briand 2/Lieut. A.Hubert L/Cpl. G. Picou
Sgt. P. Briat 2/Lieut. L.Hulot Lieut. J. Pinelli
Sgt. R. Bucher L/Sgt. R.Jovenin Cpl. J. Piriou
Cpl. L. Cabellan L/Cpl. A. Jung L/Cpl. J. Plancher
L/Cpl. M. Caille Cpl. J. Kermarec L/Cpl. N. Poli
Sgt. A. Cartier Major Ph. Kieffer L/Cpl. L. Prvost
Cpl. L. Casalonga Sgt. Major F. Klopfenstein Pvt. J. Priez
Cpl. J. Cevoz-Mami L/Cpl. M. Labas L/Cpl. Y. Quentric
Sgt. Major P. Chausse Cpl. J. Laffont Cpl. P. Quere
Cpl. M. Chauvet Cpl. M. Lahouze L/Cpl. M. Raulin
Cpl. P. Chouteau Sgt. L. Lanternier Pvt. M. Ravel
L/Cpl. G. Coppin L/Cpl. G. Laot L/Cpl. J. Reiffers
Pvt. M. Corbin Sgt. Major A. Lardennois L/Cpl. E. Renault
L/Sgt. G. Coste Sgt. M. Laventure Cpl. H. Richemont
L/Cpl. J. Couturier Sgt. Major M. Lavezzi Cpl. P. Richen
L/Sgt. R. Croizer Cpl. J. Le Bris L/Cpl. M. Riveau
L/Cpl. L. Danson Cpl. H. Lechaponnier Sgt. R. Roelandt
L/Cpl. R. Dechambou L/Cpl. M. Le Floch L/Cpl. P. Rolin
Cpl. P. Demonet Cpl. J. Le Goff Cpl. G. Ropert
L/Cpl. A. Denereaz L/Cpl. M. Legrand Pvt. R. Rossey
L/Cpl. M. Derrien Cpl. J.Lemoigne L/Cpl. M. Rougier
L/Cpl. F. Devager L/Cpl. R. Le Morvan Pvt. J. Rousseau
L/Sgt. H. Dorfsman L/Sgt. J. Le Naour Cpl. R. Roux
L/Cpl. R. Ducasse L/Cpl. R. Leostic Cpl. M. Rouxel
Sgt. R. Dumanoir L/Cpl. B. Le Reste Cpl. Y. Rupp
L/Cpl. A. Dupont L/Cpl. A. Le Rigoleur Sgt. R. Saerens
Cpl. P. Ernault Pvt. R. Lesca Cpl. G. Scherer
L/Cpl. G. Fagou Cpl. J. Letang Sgt. J. Sene
W.O.1 H. Faure Captain R. Lion Cpl. J. Simon
L/Cpl. R. Flesch Lieut. A. Lofi L/Cpl. R. Strina
Cpl. A. Foliot Sgt. M. Logeais Cpl. P. Tanniou
L/Cpl. R. Fougere Cpl. R. Lossec Sgt. M. Thub
Cpl. L. Fourer L/Cpl. R. Madrias L/Cpl. E. Troyard
L/Cpl. M. Fromager Cpl. F. Magy L/Cpl. C. Valentin
L/Cpl. R. Gabriel Pvt. A. Maler Cpl. P. Vinat
Cpl. R. Gadou Sgt. P. Mariaccia L/Cpl. M. Vincent
L/Cpl. J. Gallon L/Cpl. R. Massin Lieut. F. Vourch
Cpl. M. Gannat L/Cpl. J. Masson Lieut. G. Vourch
Cpl. F. Garrabos 2/Lieut. J. Mazeas L/Cpl. H. Wallen