Men of D-Day

 Troop Carrier
Michael N. Ingrisano
Robert E. Callahan
Benjamin F. Kendig
John R. Devitt
Arthur W. Hooper
Ward Smith
Julian A. Rice
Charles E. Skidmore
Sherfey T. Randolph
Louis R. Emerson Jr.
Leonard L. Baer
Robert D. Dopita
Harvey Cohen
Zane H. Graves
John J. Prince
Henry C. Hobbs
John C. Hanscom
Charles S. Cartwright
 82nd Airborne
Leslie Palmer Cruise Jr.
Marie-T Lavieille
Denise Lecourtois
Howard Huebner
Malcolm D. Brannen
Thomas W. Porcella
Ray T. Burchell
Robert C. Moss
Richard R. Hill
Edward W. Shimko
 101st Airborne
John Nasea, Jr
David 'Buck' Rogers
Marie madeleine Poisson
Roger Lecheminant
Dale Q. Gregory
George E. Willey
Raymond Geddes
 Utah Beach
Joseph S. Jones
Jim McKee
Eugene D. Shales
Milton Staley
 Omaha Beach
Melvin B. Farrell
James R. Argo
Carl E. Bombardier
Robert M. Leach
Joseph Alexander
James Branch
John Hooper
Anthony Leone
George A. Davison
James H. Jordan
Albert J. Berard
Jewel M. Vidito
H. Smith Shumway
Louis Occelli
John H. Kellers
Harley A. Reynolds
John C. Raaen
Wesley Ross
Richard J. Ford
William C. Smith
Ralph E. Gallant
James W. Gabaree
James W. Tucker
Robert Watson
Robert R. Chapman
Robert H. Searl
Leslie Dobinson
William H. Johnson
 Gold Beach
George F. Weightman
Norman W. Cohen
Walter Uden
 Juno Beach
Leonard Smith
 Sword Beach
Brian Guy
 6th Airborne
Roger Charbonneau
Frederick Glover
Jacques Courcy
Arlette Lechevalier
Charles S. Pearson
Harvey Jacobs
William O. Gifford
Philippe Bauduin
Albert Lefevre
René Etrillard
Suzanne Lesueur
Marie Thierry


Veterans, if you were in Normandy on D-Day, please contact me and tell us about your experiences.
We want to preserve what you have done this famous day.
Vous êtes civil et avez vécu l'arrivée des troupes alliées le 6 juin 1944 ?
Contactez nous afin de partager votre histoire et vos expériences.

Attention : Veterans's testimonies are always transcribed like I received them. Spelling of names or places might be wrong.

Please, contact me also before throwing away Photographs, Documents, Maps, Insignas or such items. I will be interested to preserve them.

Albums Photos :
- Normandy 1944 - Then and Now
- Veterans's Gallery
- Airborne troops and Troop Carrier Command in Normandy
- Photographs of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
- Sword Beach - Ouistreham Riva-Bella
- Juno Beach - Canadians in Normandy

- Omaha Beach - Bloody Omaha
- Utah Beach - Landings in the Cotentin Peninsula
- Normandy 1944 - Various photographs
- The Towns Destroyed
- Bréville Les Monts after the battle
- Advanced landing grounds

"Bloody Omaha Beach" by Marc van Rooijen.

"I made the painting during the period of the 60th Anniversary of D-Day. Unfortunately I couldn’t visit the Anniversary but I saw it on National TV. I was really impressed by the Celebrations and all the Veterans. I think these men are all heroes for what they did during the War and they have undergone such difficult, risk full and almost suicidal landings from men that weren't older than I am now (24). So I wanted to express my respect somehow and that I tried to accomplish by this painting".