UTAH BEACH : U.S. Troops



Auth : CG 49th AAA Brigade
Initial :
Date : 15 May 1944
Hq 11th AAA Gp.
APO 230, U.S. Army
15 May 1944
FO No. 1

MAPS :  

France, GSGS 4250, Scale 1/50,000.

Sheets :  
5E/2, 5E/4, 5E/6, 6E/1, 6E/3 & 4, 6E/6, 5F/2 & 6F/11.
  1. See Annex N° 2 to FO No 1) Intelligence.
  3. (1)The VII Corps, First United States Army, supported by air and naval forces, will assault the COTENTIN PENINSULA on D-Day to capture CHERBOURG (1020). V Corps lands on left of VII Corps.
    1. 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION will land at H-4 hours on D-Day, seize the western exits of the inundated area between ST MARTIN DE VARREVILLE (4098) and POUPPEVILLE (4393) both inclusive, will secure CARENTAN (3984) and protect the south flank of the 4th Infantry Division generally along the DOUVE RIVER east of ST. SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE (1994). Bridges north of CARENTAN at 365872, 382865, 419873, and 427876 will be destroyed; dam at 397868 will be seized and defended.
      Will seize STE MERE EGLISE and the crossings of the MERDERET at 315957 and 321930.
      Crossings of DOUVE RIVER at 309910 and 269928 will be destroyed by 101st Airborne Division after its elements are relieved in 4th Infantry Sector.
    2. 82nd AIRBORNE DIVISION will land before dawn on D-Day, west of ST. SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE and prevent enemy reinforcements advancing into COTENTIN PENINSULA north of ST. LO-d'OURVILLE (0989) - PRARIES MARECAGEUSES.
      Will destroy crossings north of LA SANGSURIER (1889) and ST. SAUVEUR-de-PIERRE PONT (1488) and crossings of OLLONDE RIVER in vicinity of ST. LO-d'OURVILLE.
      Will protect south flank of 4th Infantry Division within its sector.
    3. 4th INF DIV will assault UTAH BEACH on D-Day at H-Hour and, in conjunction with the 90th Inf Div, will seize CHERBOURG with the minimum delay. The D-Day objective being a general line (Quineville 375083), (350070), (330030), (Fresville 320000), (320930), (Pouppeville 450930) will be seized by dark D-Day; the intermediate objective as soon as practicable; and the 4th Div will be prepared to advance without delay on CHERBOURG.
      RCT 359, 90th Inf Div after landing on UTAH BEACH commencing D-Day will be attached to the 4th Inf Div for operations on the north flank of that division. It will revert to control of the 90th Inf Div as soon as the latter is established ashore. Field artillery of the 4th Div will initially set up east of the inundated area between causeway S-9 and V-1.
    4. 90th INF DIV with 537th AAA AW Bn attached, will land commencing D+1 day on UTAH BEACH; will advance to the northwest on the right of the 4th Inf Div, and in conjunction with that division, will seize CHERBOURG with the minimum delay.
    5. 9th INF DIV with 376th AAA AW Bn and 610th TD Bn (T) attached, will land on UTAH BEACH commencing D+4 day and as soon as practicable there-after will be assembled in Corps reserve northwest of ST. SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE.
      Will be prepared to reinforce the 82nd or 101st A/B Divisions and, if necessary, assist west of the DOUVE RIVER, in the capture of CHERBOURG.
    6. 1106th ENGINEER COMBAT GROUP initially attached to the 4th Div will prepare eight (8) passageways through beach obstacles for craft and vehicles (4 on Tare (Green) beach and 4 on Uncle (Red) beach).
      When relieved by the 1st Eng. Sp. Brig. will prepare and maintain roads V1 and U5 across the inundation between roads V1 and U5 to provide for vehicle dispersal.
    7. 1st ENGINEER SPECIAL BRIGADE (reinforced) will support the assault landings of VII Corps; organize and operate all shore installations necessary for debarkation, supply, evacuation, and local security in order to insure expeditious movement across beaches.
      (1)The 531st ENGINEER SHORE REGIMENT in initial landings, will develop the beaches. The 1st Bn will develop Uncle (Red) beach to exploit exit road U5 and any usable beaches in the sea wall within 1500 yards to the northwest of exit road U5. The 2nd Bn will develop Tare (Green) beach and develop the beach to exploit exit roads T3 and T7 and any usable beaches in the sea wall between or adjacent to these points. The 3rd Bn will establish and develop beach in the Sugar (Red) Sector and exploit exit road S9.
      (2)The 3rd Bn will be relieved from the operation of the Sugar (Red) beach by the 38th Engr Regt (less 1st Bn) about the end of D plus 2 days. Hq 531st Engr Shore Regt with the 3rd Bn will move to the Peter sector, Quineville to develop a beach and begin operations in that sector. The 1st and 2nd Bns will revert to the control of the 1st Engr Sp Brigade.
      (3)Beach maintenance areas will be established on D+1 and extended on D+3.
    (2)NAVAL TASK FORCE 125 provides lift, protection at sea and support. (See Annex #4 for Naval Plan)
    (3)NINTH AIR FORCE will support the VII Corps. (See Annex #5 for Air Support Plan).

2.The 11th AAA Group with the following attached units, Batteries D, E, and F of 81st AB AA/AT Bn, 116th AAA Gun Bn (M), 535th AAA AW Bn (M), 474th AAA AW Bn (SP), Btry C, 320th AAA BB Bn (VLA), 411th AAA Gun Bn, 552nd AAA AW Bn (M), will provide AA defense of the beach, beach exits, beached craft, GOOSEBERRY #1, beach maintenance area, airfields and airstrips in UTAH area during the assault and build-up phases of the operation NEPTUNE.
  1. Batteries D, E, and F of the 81st AB AA/AT Bn, will land on UTAH beach, UNCLE (Red) and TARE (Green) beginning at H+15 and deploy along its longitudinal axis extending 300 yards beyond the north and south limits of beaches in order to furnish initial AA defenses. (See Overlay No. 1)

  2. (1)Batteries A & B of the 474th AAA AW Bn (SP) will land by H+260 from LCT's provide air defense on UNCLE (Red) and TARE (Green) beaches as indicated on Overlay No. 1.
    (2)Batteries C & D and Hq, 474th AAA AW Bn (SP) will land on First Tide from LST's and extend air defense of the beach area as indicated on Overlay No. 1. One platoon of A Btry will be prepared for attachment to 101st A/B Div at dark D-Day.
    (3)When relieved by elements of the 535th AAA AW Bn (M) and released by the 11th AAA Gp, individual batteries of the 474th AAA AW Bn (SP) will move inland and to the flanks as indicated on Overlay No. 1.

  3. (1)The Advance Party of Hq & Hq Brty, 11th AAA Group, with attached personnel from units landing on D-Day, will land at H+240 and establish a Report Center (Advance CP) at T440985.
    (2)Hq & Hq Btry, 11th AAA Group, will land on First Tide and establish CP in vicinity of T443970.

  4. (1)Batteries A & B, 535th AAA AW Bn (M) will land on First Tide from LST's and relieve batteries A & B, 474th AAA AW Bn (SP) (in position in the defense of beach areas).
    (2)Hq 535th AAA AW Bn (M) will land on Second Tide.
    (3)Btry C, 535th AAA AW Bn (M) will land on Third Tide from LST and relieve Btry D, 474th AAA AW Bn (SP) (in position in the defense of beach areas).
    (4)Two fire units of Brty D, 535th AAA AW Bn (M) will land on Second Tide and will be emplaced one each on the ILE de LARGE and the ILE de TERRE to provide AA defense of the seaward approaches of the UTAH area.
    (5)Btry D, 535th AAA AW Bn (M), less two fire units, will land on D+2 days from LST and relieve Brty C, 474th AAA AW Bn (SP) (in position in the defense of beach areas).
  5. Btry C, 320th AA BB Bn (VLA) will fly balloon barrage from landing craft enroute to far shore. The first units will begin landing at H+240 deploy along longitudinal axis of beach area in such a manner to canalize action of low flying, strafing and dive bombing attacks. (See Overlay No. 1)
  6. The 116th AAA Gun Bn (M) will land on Second Tide from LST's and establish air defense against high level bombing attacks in position as shown on Overlay No. 1 by dark, D-Day.
  7. The 411th AAA Gun Bn (M) will land on D plus 2 days and augment defenses of beach, beach maintenance areas, beach exits and defiles from positions as indicated on Overlay No. 1.
  8. The 552nd AAA AW Bn (M) will land on D plus 3 days and be prepared to defend beach and beach maintenance area and an airfield under construction.
  9. The tactical disposition of AA Battalions attached to this Group and landing after D+3 will be covered in subsequent field orders.
(a) Reconnaissance parties and units disembarking will clear first through Gp Report Center. Reconnaissance parties will report their findings to Group Report Center and lead their respective units to positions upon debarkation.
(b) Units will contact the 531st Engr Shore Regt or 1106th Engineer Combat Group in their respective sectors to obtain mine clearance.
(c) AA units will establish liaison with adjacent units, and coordinate adjoining AA defenses.
S-3 periodic reports will be submitted by 2100 B daily.
See SOP, FUSA, Ninth Air Force and 49th AAA Brigade.
See Annex 4 to FO 1, Hq VII Corps, 12 May 1944.
4. See Administrative Order No. 1 FO No. 1, Hq VII Corps dated 12 May 1944.
  1. COMMUNICATIONS : See Annex No. 3 - S. O. I.
    (1) The 11th AAA Group report Center (temporary CP) located at T440985 by H+240, adjacent to 531st Engr Shore Regt CP.
    (2) The 11th AAA Group will establish its CP in the vicinity ot T443970 about H+480.
    (3) The 11th AAA Group will establish liaison with the VII Corps, the 4th Div, the 1st Engr Sp Brigade and the 49th AAA Brigade.
    (4) Subordinate units will select CP's as the tactical situation dictates.
  3. The 11th AAA group will revert to FUSA control and operate under the command of the 49th AAA Brigade when relieved from VII Corps control by the Army Commander.
By order of Colonel NEWTON :
Major, CAC
Major, CAC
Overlay No. 1 gto FO No. 1
Signal Operation Instructions
Naval Plan
Air Support Plan

Det, 81st AB AT/AA Bn
Btry C, 320th AAA BB BN (VLA)
474th AAA AW Bn (SP)
535th AAA AW Bn (M)
116th AAA Gun Bn (M)
552nd AAA AW Bn (M)
411th AAA Gun Bn (M)
129th AAA Gun Bn (M)
448th AAA AW Bn (M)
440th AAA AW Bn (M)
120th AAA Gun Bn (M)
452th AAA AW Bn (M)
4th Inf Div
VII Corps
49th AAA Brigade
1st Engr Spec Brig
531st Engr Shore Regt
Major Leslie A. Shaw Papers #992 courtesy East Carolina University, Joyner Library, Special Collections, Greenville, NC.