GOLD BEACH : British Troops



50th Infantry Division - Order of battle

Commanding General :
Major General D.A.H. Graham
69th Infantry Brigade :
Brigadier Fergus Y.Carson Knox
Brigadier J.M.K. Spurling
5th Bn East Yorkshire Rgt :
Lt Col. White (WIA 6 June)
Major J. H. F. Dixon
6th Bn Green Howards Rgt :
Lt Col. Robin Hastings
7th Bn Green Howards Rgt :
Lt Col. P.H. Richardson
151st Infantry Brigade :
Brigadier R.H. Senior (WIA 6 June)
Brigadier B.B. Walton (WIA 16 June)
6th Bn Durham Light Infantry Rgt :
Lt Col. A.E. Green
8th Bn Durham Light Infantry Rgt :
Lt Col. R.P. Lidwill
9th Bn Durham Light Infantry Rgt :
Lt Col. H. Woods
231st Infantry Brigade :
Brigadier A.G.B. Stanier Bart
2nd Bn Devonshire Rgt :
Lt Col.C.A.R. Nevill
A Co :
Major Frank Sadlier
B Co :
Major Mike Howard (WIA 6 June)
C Co :
Major Hugh Victor Duke (KIA 6 June)
D Co :
Major John Parlby (WIA 6 June)
1st Bn Hampshire Rgt :
Lt Col. David Nelson-Smith
1st Bn Dorsetshire Rgt :
Lt Col. E.A.M. Norie
56th Infantry Brigade :
Brigadier E.C. Pepper
2nd Bn South Wales Borderers Rgt :
Lt Col. R.W. Craddock
2nd Bn Gloucestershire Rgt :
Lt Col. D.W. Biddle
2nd Bn Essex Rgt :
Lt Col. J.F. Higson
8th Armoured Brigade :
Brigadier Bernard Cracroft
4th/7th Dragoons Guard :
Lt Col. Rodney Byron
Notts (Sherwood Rangers) Yeomanry :
Lt Col. John D'A. Anderson
Hq Squadron :
Major Roger Sutton-Nelthrope
A Squadron :
Major S. D. Christopherson
B Squadron :
Major Michael Gold
C Squadron :
Major Stephen Mitchell
Recce Troop :
Captain Patrick McCraith
24th Lancers :
Lt Col. W.A.C. Anderson
8th Armoured Brigade Workshops R.E.M.E :
Major R.A. Arbuckle
2nd Bn Cheshire Rgt :
Lt Col. S.V. Keeling
61st Recce Rgt :
Lt Col. Sir W.M. Mount
Divisional Artillery :
Brigadier C.H. Norton
74th Field Rgt :
Lt Col. H.W.W. Harris
90th Field Rgt :
Lt Col. I.G.S. Hardie
124th Field Rgt :
Lt Col. P.H. Gough
102nd Anti-Tank Rgt :
Lt Col. A.K. Matthews
25th Light Anti-Aircraft Rgt :
Lt Col. G.G.O. Lyons
Divisional Engineers :
Lt Col. R. Willott
6th Assault Rgt :
233rd Field Co :
295th Field Co :
505th Field Co :
235th Field Park Co :
Divisional R.A.S.C :
Lt Col. G.W. Fenton
346th Field Co :
508th Field Co :
522nd Field Co :
524th Divisional Co :
Divisional R.E.M.E :
Lt Col. E.H. Rundle
69th Infantry Brigade Workshop :
151st Infantry Brigade Workshop :
231st Infantry Brigade Workshop :
6th Bn Border Rgt :
47 Royal Marine Commando :
Lt Col. C.F. Phillips

R.A : Royal Artillery
R.E : Royal Engineers
R.E.M.E : Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
R.A.S.C : Royal Army Service Corps