SWORD BEACH : Les Britanniques



3rd Infantry Division - Order of Battle

Commanding General :
Major General Tom G. Rennie

Tom G. Rennie
8th Infantry Brigade : Brigadier E.E. Cass
1st Bn Suffolk Rgt :
Lt Col. R.E. Goodwin
A Co :
Captain Ryley (KIA 6 June)
B Co :
Major Mac Caffrey
C Co :
Major Charles Boycott
2nd Bn East Yorkshire Rgt :
Lt Col. G.F. Hutchinson (WIA 6 June)
A Co :
Major C.K. King
D Co :
Major Barber (KIA 6 June)
1st Bn South Lancashire Rgt :
Lt Col. R.P.H. Burbury (KIA 6 June)
A Co :
Major Harward (KIA 6 June)
Lt R.W. Pierce (WIA 6 June)
B Co :
Major Harrison (KIA 6 June)
Lt B. Walker (KIA 6 June)
C Co :
Major E. Johnson
D Co :
Major J. Egglinton (WIA 6 June)
9th Infantry Brigade : Brigadier J.G. Cunningham (WIA 6 June)
2nd Bton Lincolnshire Rgt :
1st Bn King's Own Scottish Borderers Rgt :
2nd Bn Royal Ulster Rifles Rgt :
Lt Col. I.C. Harris
185th Infantry Brigade : Brigadier K.P. Smith
2nd Bn Royal Warwickshire Rgt :
Lt Col. H.O.S. Herdon
1st Bn Royal Norfolk Rgt :
Lt Col. R.H. Bellamy
B Co :
Major Eric Cooper-Key
D Co :
Major Papillon
2nd Bn King's Shropshire Light Inf. Rgt :
Lt Col. F.J. Maurice
Hq Co :
Captain C. Brooke-Smith
Support Co :
Captain T.H. Read
W Co :
Major A.F. Slatter
X Co :
Major G.M. Thornycroft
Y Co :
Major P.C. Steel (KIA 6 June)
Z Co :
Major P.H. Wheelock
27th Armoured Brigade : Brigadier G.E. Prior-Palmer
13th/18th Royal Hussars :
Lt Col. Harrap
1st East Riding Yeomanry :
The Staffordshire Yeomanry :
Lt Col. J.A. Eadie
A Sq :
Major M. A. Spencer-Nairn
B Sq :
Major G. J. W. Turner
C Sq :
Major P. B. Griffin
3rd Recce Rgt (Northumberland Fusiliers) :
2nd Bn Middlesex Rgt :
Divisional Artillery :
7th Field Rgt :
Lt Col. N.P.H. Tapp
33rd Field Rgt :
76th Field Rgt :
Lt Col. Mervyn Foster
20th Anti-Tank Rgt :
92nd Light Anti-Aircraft :
Btry 318
Divisional Engineers :
Colonel 'Tiger' Urquhart
15th Field Park Co :
Major H.C. Dykes
17th Field Co :
Major Willison
246th Field Co :
Major R.M.S. Maude
253rd Field Co :
Major J.P. Asher
Divisional R.A.S.C :
23rd Co :
47th Co :
48th Co :
172nd Divisional Co :
Divisional R.E.M.E :
8th Infantry Brigade Workshop :
9th Infantry Brigade Workshop :
185th Infantry Brigade Workshop :
22nd Dragoons :
5th Assault Rgt RE :
Lt Col. A.D.B. Cocks (KIA 6 June)
629th Field Squadron :
5th Armoured Inf. Co :
Major Freeman
5th Beach Group : 
5th Bn King's Rgt : 
Lt Col. Broad (KIA 6 June)
Major P. C. Wintreton (until 12th June)
Major G. D. Wreford-Browne (from 12th June)
1st Special Service Brigade :
Brigadier General Lord Lovat
N°3 Commando :
Lt Col. Peter Young
N°4 Commando :
Lt Col. R.W.P. Dawson
1er Bn Fusiliers Marins Commando :
Capt de Corvette Philippe Kieffer
N°6 Commando :
Lt Col. Derek Mills-Roberts
N°45 Royal Marine Commando :
Captain R.M N.C. Ries
4th Special Service Brigade :
Brigadier B.W. Leicester
N°41 Royal Marine Commando :
Lt Col. T.M. Gray
N°46 Royal Marine Commando :
Lt Col. Campbell R. Hardy

R.A : Royal Artillery
R.E : Royal Engineers
R.E.M.E : Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
R.A.S.C : Royal Army Service Corps