Men of D-Day

 Troop Carrier
Michael N. Ingrisano
Robert E. Callahan
Benjamin F. Kendig
John R. Devitt
Arthur W. Hooper
Ward Smith
Julian A. Rice
Charles E. Skidmore
Sherfey T. Randolph
Louis R. Emerson Jr.
Leonard L. Baer
Robert D. Dopita
Harvey Cohen
Zane H. Graves
John J. Prince
Henry C. Hobbs
John C. Hanscom
Charles S. Cartwright
 82nd Airborne
Leslie Palmer Cruise Jr.
Marie-T Lavieille
Denise Lecourtois
Howard Huebner
Malcolm D. Brannen
Thomas W. Porcella
Ray T. Burchell
Robert C. Moss
Richard R. Hill
Edward W. Shimko
 101st Airborne
John Nasea, Jr
David 'Buck' Rogers
Marie madeleine Poisson
Roger Lecheminant
Dale Q. Gregory
George E. Willey
Raymond Geddes
 Utah Beach
Joseph S. Jones
Jim McKee
Eugene D. Shales
Milton Staley
 Omaha Beach
Melvin B. Farrell
James R. Argo
Carl E. Bombardier
Robert M. Leach
Joseph Alexander
James Branch
John Hooper
Anthony Leone
George A. Davison
James H. Jordan
Albert J. Berard
Jewel M. Vidito
H. Smith Shumway
Louis Occelli
John H. Kellers
Harley A. Reynolds
John C. Raaen
Wesley Ross
Richard J. Ford
William C. Smith
Ralph E. Gallant
James W. Gabaree
James W. Tucker
Robert Watson
Robert R. Chapman
Robert H. Searl
Leslie Dobinson
William H. Johnson
 Gold Beach
George F. Weightman
Norman W. Cohen
Walter Uden
 Juno Beach
Leonard Smith
 Sword Beach
Brian Guy
 6th Airborne
Roger Charbonneau
Frederick Glover
Jacques Courcy
Arlette Lechevalier
Charles S. Pearson
Harvey Jacobs
William O. Gifford
Philippe Bauduin
Albert Lefevre
René Etrillard
Suzanne Lesueur


Zane H. Graves
Flight Officer - Glider Pilot - 82nd Troop Carrier Squadron - 436th Troop Carrier Group

June 2. Big stuff brewing - Briefed by airborne artillery today - Under guard now.

June 5. Power boys dropped paratroops on Cherbourg peninsula about midnite. All planes back OK.

June 6. Big day! Tookoff 2037 hit coast of France 2255. Flak heavy - strings of redbeads - orange golf balls. Hek - I'm scared! Released in wrong territory - dark, hardly see - still shouting at us.
Little field - watch those trees - pull up Doc - ohhhh - Not a bit of the nose left - only part of center of fuselage. First out - feet through floor - Doc pinned behind something - pulled him out. Sgt. Davis next - two bad cuts behind knee. Slim Smith went out throughside. Rogers and Rappey dumped out rear - nasty cut on Rogers' head.
Brunowski OK. Gliders crashing allaround - horrible sounds.
Look out there's one on top of us - no - went over and hit trees on other side of field.
Where is that sulfa powder - can't find any. Give Davis a hypo. Finally bandaged up.
Expect to be shot any minute. Ack Ack gunners still trying to hit us. HE dropping down the road apiece. Jeep and gun pinned. Try for awhile to loosen - pick up equip. and dig in along road.
Two duds fall next to our holes - duds, thank God.
More survivors come in.
Adam, Bone and Ben Winks lying down the road - dead. Many dead and wounded. Gunfire getting closer - let's get out of here - where are we?
Finally take off down road when tracers start pupping through hedge. Too warm for me. Few jeeps get out. Getting light now - here comes a strafing plane - no, turned away. Pass infantry in ditches, dead Germans - a house full of live ones - burned and knocked out German guns and half tracks. Dig in in orchard for day. Go sniper hunting - pick up cartridge belt and chute. Miss snipers.

Spend nite in hole - next am hike through St. Mere Eglise.
Wrong road - back through town - snipers still banging away. From church steeple - houses and shops wrecked. horses and Germans lying around - smelly. Find CP and head back for beach - same way we came. Poor, blistered feet - aching back, pass long lines of infantry and tanks - wade through coastal marshes - fired on again by snipers.
Beach at last. Tanks on their sides in sand.

Zane H. Graves     (June 1944)

- The five pages of the notebook related to D-Day.

Courtesy Gary Graves.